5 Items In Oscars Giftbags That Gun-Grabbing Hollywood Libs Hope You Don’t See

Far left Hollywood hypocrites will soon unite for the annual Academy Awards, celebrating the year in political correctness the year’s best films.

As usual, gift bags worth potentially $100,000 will be given away to nominees. It’s the actors’ choice if they choose to accept.

While nutty actors continue to blast law-abiding Americans for gun ownership, they might find it a little odd after learning what’s in those pricey gift bags.

We’re talking self-defense items!

Check this out…

From Truth Revolt:

The #MeToo movement has brought many changes to Hollywood as sexual predators have been ousted and actors have been shamed for covering it up for decades. More than ever, actors and actresses have been speaking out against the rampant sexual misconduct in the film industry. To help them fight off any future unwanted advances, at this year’s Academy Awards, actors walking the red carpet will get their exorbitant gift bags as expected but will find items of personal defense inside.

Sabre, a security systems company, will drop five items into each bag, consisting of a canister of pepper spray for keychains, gel pepper spray, two personal body alarms, and a kit that tests for drugs slipped in drinks, according to Yahoo.

Sabre CEO David Nance said, “This event is a unique opportunity for us to lend a helping hand in the #MeToo movement with solutions that take aim at the harassment culture that’s been pervasive most notably in the entertainment industry and in broader society. We hope to help others by inspiring self-empowerment.”

Yahoo has more:

“In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, PepperFace is arriving in Hollywood at the perfect time.” said the company’s CEO Brian Pennington.

“We want to be an awareness symbol to help end violence against women and also provide resources for those unfortunate enough to have become a victim of violence.”


Other items in this year’s offering include a 12-day trip to Tanzania, a ’24 karat gold facial’, and a ‘conflict-free’ diamond necklace.

Strangely, pepper sprays have appeared in the Oscar gift bags in the past, in 2014 when a pink and camouflage-print mace pepper gun was given away.

The ceremony takes place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 4.

Fearing low ratings, the Oscars will do their best to tone-down the political rhetoric.

From New York Times:

“We want to make it as entertaining as possible — reverential and respectful but also fun and emotional,” said Jennifer Todd, one of the lead producers of the Academy Awards, which will be hosted for the second year in a row by Jimmy Kimmel. “The Oscars should be a spectacle. Fun and funny and great performances.”

“It should also be a giant commercial for the movie business, which we all need to keep going,” Ms. Todd said, noting that the show would emphasize the 90th anniversary milestone…


Attempts to keep the Oscars on the sunnier side reflect ratings concern inside ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Most people watch award shows for the glamour. Whenever stars use the platform to support progressive causes and make political statements, large numbers of viewers turn the channel, according to academy insiders, who cite minute-by-minute Nielsen data for past shows…

A Grammys-level drop would be a disaster. The Oscar telecast is a big business, generating roughly 80 percent of the academy’s $136.3 million in annual revenue.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]

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