White People Will Find an Unhappy Surprise Waiting at this Pop-Up Restaurant in New Orleans

Democrats can’t seem to shake their long history of racism. From the KKK to affirmative action, the left cares more about keeping people down rather than letting the cards fall as they may.

To liberals, white Americans still need to pay reparations for slavery despite hardly being the only country to have participated in the practice. What’s worse is that nobody alive today (nor their great-grandparents, even) owned a slave.

A pop-up restaurant in New Orleans is asking white people to pay more for food, with their extra cash being redistributed to blacks.

Because that will help calm racial tension?


From Daily Wire:

As part of a month-long “social experiment,” a pop-up restaurant in New Orleans is asking white customers to pay extra for their meal in the name of wealth redistribution.

According to Civil Eats, the pop-up called Saartj gives white customers – and only white customers – the option to pay “$12 for lunch or the suggested price of $30” while black customers are “charged $12 and also given the option to collect the $18 paid by a white patron as a way to redistribute wealth.”

Restaurant creator Tunde Wey says that his project seeks to educate patrons on the “nation’s racial wealth gap,” using statistics, according to Civil Eats’ coverage from an EPI study that looks at income distribution broadly, similar to the debunked 22-cent “gender pay gap” statistic.


“After they order, Wey tells each diner about the nation’s racial wealth gap, pointing to stark facts, such as higher education increases a Black family’s median income by $60,000, where as it increases a white family’s median income by $113,000,” reports Civil Eats.

Wey also asks his white customers personal questions like “have you ever inherited money or received gifts from family like a car, college tuition payments or other high value gifts?”

Once the conversation finishes, Wey then asks his white customers how much they will pay. The “white guilt” definitely pays off, with close to 78% of his white customers paying more than double the required price, according to Wey. This guilt, which Wey calls “positive social pressure,” is entirely intentional and designed to elicit payment.

“Refusing to pay more comes off as anti-social and people don’t want to be judged for that,” Wey said. “People look on the other side of the till and see me standing there and they’re thinking that I’m judging them. If they couldn’t pay a higher amount, they gave a me a list of caveats why they couldn’t.”

What does Barack Obama think about this? He’s probably all for it.

Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Feinstein? What are their thoughts? Does it not bother them that white Americans are being treated worse by this restaurant than their peers?

The myth of white privilege in 21st century America needs to end today. More whites are in poverty because of Democrat policies than ever before, largely thanks to the Obama administration.

When is enough enough? When will the left understand that the majority of Americans are not racist and don’t want to be talked down to?

Democrats have always hurt the people they claim to want to help.


[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]

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